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Boer power group won the title of "youth employment and entrepreneurship internship base"

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On July 19, 2019, wuxi youth league committee, wuxi talent office, wuxi human resources and social security bureau and other units held the on-site press conference of "career micro experience summer mozhai home" 2019 annual employment activity for college students in the city on the first floor of maoye world.


Yu zhengye, secretary of the communist youth league, shen xiaoping, director of the department of the organization department of the communist party of China, deputy director of the municipal human resources and social security bureau, gu shuishi, deputy secretary of the communist youth league, zhou lingjing, honorary vice President of the municipal youth chamber of commerce, ding yan attended the press conference, and participated in the launching ceremony.




At the meeting, wuxi youth league municipal committee conducted a new batch of "youth employment and entrepreneurship probation base" award ceremony;Boer (wuxi) power set co., LTD. Won the title of "youth employment internship base".



The purpose of this activity is to further strengthen the management of youth employment internship base, expand a number of employers with strong sense of social responsibility and standardized management, and realize the effective connection between enterprises and talents. Boer electric power group actively responds to the call of talent development strategy, and CARES about and serves the employment and entrepreneurship of college students.


Boer electric power group attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, and cooperates with many schools to provide internship positions for the majority of employed students, further promote the employment opportunities of college graduates, assign special personnel to take charge of internship work, and establish a standardized management system.The company also regularly arranges group visits and exchanges for college students, so that the employed students have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Boer power.


In the future, Boer electric power will still attach importance to the employment and entrepreneurship development strategy of young people, provide more practical opportunities for internship and employment training, help young people improve their working skills, constantly create a growth environment for talent development, and realize the common growth of enterprises and employees.