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Boer power participated in "schneider innovation summit 2019"

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The rapid development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and sensors has brought infinite possibilities for the accelerated development of digital transformation.



On June 5-6, 2019, schneider electric held the innovation summit of "creating a win-win digital future" in xiamen international convention and exhibition center.With the theme of "creating a win-win digital future", the summit hopes to join hands with diverse partners in the "ecosystem" in the new era of digital economy, and achieve complementary advantages and win-win digital transformation with their respective technical expertise and expertise.



Boer power will present smart distribution system products including OkKEN, Blokset, MVnex, etc.

OkKen low-voltage switchgear is a collection of schneider electric's most cutting-edge research and development technology, with industry-leading technical parameters and product performance, to meet the most extensive application needs, in all production links of switchgear experts support;Blokset, on the other hand, is a low-voltage package that meets high reliability requirements, with a modular structure that meets local standards, conventions and requirements.Elements containing advanced protection and communication functions can be integrated into the device.







Boer power also demonstrated "electric butler" service at the exhibition.

The core of boler electric power management is cloud technology, which applies computer network technology and modern communication technology to the operation and maintenance of power distribution room.Cloud platform is used to provide services such as real-time remote monitoring, fault warning, fault rapid location and processing, data timely transmission and storage, and energy efficiency analysis and management.


The exhibition scene


The exhibition site has attracted the attention of many enterprises and insiders at home and abroad. The rapid development of digital technology is making the service more intelligent. Boer electric power co., ltd. will discuss the way of enterprise sustainable development with everyone at this summit to provide customers with more efficient and environment-friendly green intelligent manufacturing solutions.