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Boer energy has successfully approved the quota of affordable photovoltaic projects, and the era of

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The energy authority has submitted the list of the first batch of wind power and photovoltaic power grid projects with a total installed capacity of 20.76GW to the national energy administration in 2019.A total of 250 pilot projects have been announced, including 14.78gw of photovoltaic, 4.51gw of wind power and 1.47gw of distributed trading.Among them, the 100MW photovoltaic affordable access to the Internet project of anda livestock ranch in heilongjiang province participated by Boer energy also successfully obtained the project quota.


Overview of affordable Internet access projects

The land used for 100MW photovoltaic power generation project of anda livestock ranch phase ii in heilongjiang province is all in the administrative area of anda ranch and belongs to the nature of saline and alkaline land.The main task of the project is to generate electricity on the Internet and consume it locally. The average annual power generation in 25 years is about 145.172 million kWh, and the average annual utilization hours are about 1449h.

Aerial photography of photovoltaic project in anda saline and alkaline land

On energy conservation and emissions reduction effect, according to the international energy agency (IEA), the world energy outlook 2007, China's CO2 emissions index is: 0.814 kg/kWh, at the same time, our country power per 1 kWh electricity Internet access, need 305 g of standard coal consumption, emissions of 6.2 grams of sulfur oxides (SOx) (statistics) before desulfurization and 2.1 grams of nitrogen oxide (NOx) statistics before (nitrogen), adverse effects on the environment and ecology.In 25 years, the average annual online power capacity of this project is about 145.172 million kWh. Compared with thermal power plants with the same power generation, the annual emission of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is reduced by 1.181 million tons, and the annual emission of atmospheric pollution gas SO2 is reduced by about 9000 tons and NOx by about 3048 tons.

The announcement of the first batch of affordable access projects announced the end of the era of subsidies for China's renewable energy and the beginning of the era of affordable access, which will fundamentally change the future market development of photovoltaic companies.Boer's effort to participate in the affordable Internet project is also intended to lead the way in the industry.

From the perspective of photovoltaic market development, subsidy default is one of the important obstacles affecting the development of China's photovoltaic industry.According to the national renewable energy center of China, pv installations in the first quarter of 2019 were only 5.2gw, down 46 percent year-on-year.From this year, photovoltaic subsidies will be offered on a "pay-as-you-go" basis to subsidize the number of units that are installed.According to a draft released by the national energy administration in April, the total subsidy budget for new photovoltaic projects in 2019 will be 3 billion yuan, of which 2.25 billion yuan (excluding photovoltaic poverty alleviation) will be subsidized, and the domestic demand for installed power is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

In addition, the current global consumption of fossil fuels, to clean energy transition trend.In the future, the share of photovoltaic power generation will rise rapidly, and it is expected to exceed 30% by 2030, while the share of coal power generation will drop significantly from 67% in 2017 to 30% by 2030.The photovoltaic industry will be completely transformed into a market competitive industry, with a large market space.Especially after the launch of the affordable Internet project, will accelerate the promotion of photovoltaic industry survival of the fittest.