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Cloud reward micro hiring X bo er power official cooperation, social recruitment officially opened!

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Bo er power holding co., LTD

Official cooperative social recruitment

Quota is limited, only to the outstanding you


Guan bo er power holdings co. LTD

Founded in 1985, Boer power (stock code: is committed to producing complete power distribution equipment of 40KV and below, occupying a leading position in China's power distribution market.The company is currently schneider's largest platinum partner in China with the most complete product range.After nearly 30 years of industrial accumulation, there are now more than 10 subsidiaries of Boer group, which are involved in the production, sales of complete power distribution products, and research and development of smart home.


Add Boer power and you will get

Five social insurance and one housing fund, holiday gifts, free shuttle bus, regular physical examination, listed company, skill training, job promotion, excellent employee award, travel allowance, congratulations and consolation money...


Post a

Android development engineer


1. Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the company's android platform client software;


2. Participated in the research, design and implementation, verification and selection of key technologies of mobile platform software framework.



1. More than 4 years of Android development experience, have participated in or been responsible for large projects, App developers with good interactive experience are preferred;


2. Experience in modularization, plug-in, performance optimization and animation is preferred;


3. Familiar with network protocol network communication and other operations based on TCP/HTTP protocol;


4. Good code habits, requiring clear structure, nomenclature, strong logicality and low redundancy;


5. Proficient in git tools;


6. Be familiar with multi-language development, such as Python.


Location and benefits

Location: wuxi lihu modern industrial design building


Company benefits: five social insurance and one housing fund, double holidays, meal subsidies, holiday benefits, rich group building activities, etc




Post two

Embedded software engineer


1. Developed functional modules and algorithms in the system according to programming specifications, r&d progress and task assignment;


2. Complete the detailed design, code implementation and unit test of software modules according to the development process and design requirements;


3. Wrote functional module test program, tested or assisted the test to complete the software test;


4. Prepare relevant technical documents according to the company's technical document specifications;


5. Provide software late-stage technical support to business departments;


6. Responsible for the quality and progress of the developed software.



1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, automation, computer or other related majors;


At least 2 years relevant working experience


3. Familiar with embedded software development process and development tools;


4. Familiar with the architecture and application development of single chip microcomputer or ARM processor;


5. Familiar with working principle of hardware circuit;Familiar with processor peripheral device interface and driver design;


6. Familiar with assembly language, C/ C++ language or JAVA language programming;


7. Familiar with RTOS (WinCE, Linux, Android, uC/OS, Vxworks, etc.).


Location and benefits

Location: wuxi lihu modern industrial design building


Company benefits: five social insurance and one housing fund, double holidays, meal subsidies, holiday benefits, rich group building activities, etc.


Post three

Mechanical engineer


1. New product structure development and technical improvement, such as medium voltage circuit breaker, ring network cabinet, etc.;


2. Classified and managed drawings, specifications and product samples;


3. Prepare production line process documents, including flow, material consumption, processing operation instructions, etc.



1. 25-40 years old, college degree or above, major in mechanical or related field;


2. Proficient in operating SolidWorks, CAD, Office and other software, familiar with electrical schematic diagram and mechanical design principle;


3, more than 2 years of relevant work experience is preferred, excellent students can also consider training.


Location and benefits

Working place: wuxi huishan district luoshe industry supporting area luoyang luboer power headquarters


Company benefits: five social insurance and one housing fund, single rest, free working meals, holiday benefits, abundant group building activities, parent-child activities, etc.


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