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How to dig good power big data rich mine

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With the continuous progress of information and communication technology, the world has entered the era of big data.Data has become an important strategic resource for enterprises, society and countries.As a subset of big data in the power industry, big data also contains great value.

At the second digital China building summit held not long ago, "big data" again became a hot word.No matter in production, government affairs or daily life, the advantages of big data have been increasingly highlighted.In fact, in recent years, China has issued the action outline for promoting big data development and the big data industry development plan (2016-2020).Big data has become a new driving force to promote economic transformation, a new opportunity to reshape national competitive advantage, and a new way to improve the governance capacity of the government.

In 2019, state grid corporation of China proposed the strategic goal of building a world-class energy Internet enterprise with "three types and two networks".In the context of the comprehensive construction of the power Internet of things, the magnitude of power big data will become larger and larger, the value will become more and more prominent, and the application of power big data will become an important industrial development direction.

Big data has entered the era of comprehensive application

With the continuous progress of information and communication technology, the world has entered the "digital Moore era".From the beginning of civilization to 2003, humans produced a total of 5 exabytes of data.And that's less than a day's worth of data in human society.We are on the verge of a major historical explosion in the data world.At present, data has become an important strategic resource for enterprises, society and the country. In-depth analysis of data is not only conducive to improving the management level of enterprises, deriving new business models, but also conducive to promoting the development of national economy."Make decisions based on data, let data speak" has been the trend.

The application of big data has produced great economic value and social benefits in some developed countries.In recent years, the British government has released data resources at all levels on the open platform through the application of big data technology, promoting the integration of industries, directly or indirectly adding nearly 49 billion to 66 billion pounds of revenue for the UK and providing 58,000 new jobs.South Korea has built a "Seoul open data plaza" to promote the social sharing of 10 categories of data information, including public transportation and weather forecast, generating an economic value of 1.2 trillion won and helping private enterprises create diversified business models and values.

With the continuous extension of China's big data policy to various industries and sub-sectors, big data is accelerating to the penetration of traditional industries.The growth rate and scale of the big data industry continue to increase, and the industry customers' understanding and acceptance of big data are significantly improved. China has entered the application era of big data industry.At present, the Internet, finance, telecommunications and other industries more in-depth application.The application of traditional industries such as energy, manufacturing, transportation and education is still in the preliminary stage, mainly focusing on the basic capacity building and internal application of big data platform and data resource convergence, while the application of external integration is still in the exploratory stage.

Power big data becomes an important asset

Power big data is a subset of big data in the power industry.The development and application of power big data is not only a technological progress, but also a major change in the development concept, management system and technical route of the whole power system in the era of big data.

Power big data can be used to predict the production status of industrial enterprises, providing research and decision-making basis for the government and research institutions in industrial layout and accurate governance.With the deepening of the reform of the electric power system and the opening of the market of selling and using electricity, big data of electric power can also be used to provide personalized energy efficiency services for customers, promote the reduction of carbon emissions and promote the application of clean energy.

The power industry has a large amount of data, many types and high value, which has a high value for the improvement of the profitability and control level of power enterprises.Grid experts say that every time data utilization is increased by 10 percent, the grid can increase profits by 20 to 49 percent.With the help of data science, artificial intelligence and other technologies, combined with the in-depth research and mining of multi-dimensional data inside and outside the industry, promoting the application of power big data becomes the key to release the potential value of power big data.

After years of construction, state grid corporation of China has made certain achievements in big data application, laying a good foundation for giving full play to its business advantages and energy industry advantages, continuously upgrading technical service capabilities, innovating industrial mechanism and business model, and promoting the application of big data in scale and industrialization.To build a data center internally, gather all kinds of resource information, provide common business service capabilities, and become the basis for the industrial application of power big data;Under the premise of ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the power grid production, it has become an important development direction of the industrial application of big data of electric power by constructing a data operation service platform, deeply mining data resources that can be opened to the outside world, and providing value-added data services to the government, industrial customers and the public.

How to release power big data value

In the context of ubiquitous power Internet of things construction, big data will play a role of neural network, real-time convergence of grid operation data and enterprise operation data, and realize real-time perception, transparent control, agile operation and intelligent decision-making by combining the application of artificial intelligence.Then, how to use big data technology to realize fast and flexible construction of business applications, support grid enterprises to better operate big data, develop emerging businesses, and promote integrated development?

The data center is the foundation to break the internal professional barriers and realize resource integration and sharing.Build data center, unify data call and service interface standards, and build unified Shared service capability, unified business model and data model.This can realize highly integrated business and full data sharing, break down professional barriers, realize cross-domain professional application design, build real-time, mobile, interactive, safe and manageable interconnected service system, support the coordination and interaction of source network load and storage, and promote business synergy and efficiency.

Data operation service platform provides support for power big data operation.The platform can provide data operation services to residents, financial institutions, government agencies, transportation industry and other electricity customers, and provide data retrieval, customized data, data API and data release business functions.Meanwhile, relevant standards and norms such as data standardization, data transaction pricing system, data transaction supervision system and data security prevention system are provided to ensure the normal operation of the data operation service platform.

Actively expand power big data asset operation and other emerging businesses.On the premise of ensuring network and information security, power grid enterprises can focus around the business location, client group analysis, analysis of energy consumption, intelligent manufacturing, equipment, quality improvement, commercial transaction requirements and strategies to carry out the data value-added services, develop data value-added cash application scenario, design business model, promote power big data value-added to liquidate.

Based on the power Internet of things and cloud computing platform, and driven by big data and artificial intelligence, big data operation will push emerging businesses to blossom through the interactive combination of online and offline services, and drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to develop together.In the future, based on the power grid, deeply rooted in the energy industry, oriented to the society, and vigorously promote the big data operation of power, will promote the transformation of the business model and development mode of state grid corporation of China, and help build the world-class energy Internet enterprise of "three types and two networks".(source: state grid news)