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It is no longer the concept and slogan 5G era ubiquitous in the power of the Internet of things so b

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Mention circuit patrol inspection, no matter industry practitioners or ordinary people in the brain instantly flashed out of the "electrician climbing pole" scene.


In the era of "climbing pole", inspection personnel can only 3 ~ 5 base tower task every day, the whole line patrol may need a month, and with 5 g technology "drones" era, only 3 hours to a 60 km route inspection, not only can real-time line 3 d model is set up, also can realize the intelligent processing according to the preset program, automatic identification, equipment status, fault early warning, etc.


5G unmanned aerial vehicle inspection is only an epitome of the ubiquitous power Internet of things in the power industry. 5G technology, which can run 200,000 sets of data in one second, is an important communication carrier to build the ubiquitous power Internet of things.


It can be said that there is no ubiquitous power Internet of things without 5G, which makes the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things possible.


Why build ubiquitous electric Internet of things?


"Pan in the power of Internet of things" is the state grid corporation in 2019 formally put forward the strategic target, under the trend of electric power reform, carrying the grid transformation of task, the purpose is to adapt to the traditional industry with the Internet accelerated convergence trend, give full play to the power grid enterprise resource advantages, cultivate new growth momentum, actively develop value-added business platform and customer side emerging business, develops the digital economy this huge blue ocean market.


"In power in the Internet of things" is put forward, in the whole power system in our country, to ensure the security and stability of the system, and on high voltage transmission lines and other equipment have installed including data acquisition and monitoring control system (SCADA), synchronous phasor measurement unit (- PMU - 2), and other various systems and equipment running state measurement system, and is equipped with optical fiber communication, has realized the reliable electricity interconnectivity connectivity and information.


However, for the distribution network with low voltage level, considering the cost and other factors, the optical fiber coverage is not achieved synchronously.In addition, compared with the transmission network, the distribution network is connected with more equipment, which goes deep into every user and even every electrical equipment in every household. The massive equipment is connected only through power lines of different voltage levels.However, at present, the information interconnection has not been fully realized with the massive equipment on the power side, and the "last 1km" of the power system is a stumbling block to the interconnection of all things in the power system, which needs to be solved urgently.


The ubiquitous power Internet of things under 5G will realize the "last kilometer" interconnection and information interconnection of the above power systems.


For power grid enterprise, through extensive is in power the Internet of things will be integrated application of advanced iot, artificial intelligence, big emerging technologies, such as data storage and analysis and the depth of the strong smart grid integration, implementation from energy production, transmission, distribution, consumption in each link of people and the people and things, and interconnected to share information, improve power system optimal operation level, promote comprehensive power system from the original single electricity suppliers to wisdom energy change of the role of service providers.


Why 5G?


To put it simply, the Internet of things eventually wants to achieve the "Internet of everything", and the ubiquitous Internet of things wants to achieve "connectivity everywhere" in the power system.


Pan in the power of things can be through the different types of communication network interconnection, such as through the optical fiber cable network connection everything, but the high cost for generic in power iot, applicability is poorer, so extensive is in power the Internet of things must be conducted over a wireless network connection, and the latest development of 5 g communication and has a unique advantage.


As for the application prospect of ubiquitous power Internet of things under 5G in precise control, experts from the state key laboratory of power system and power generation equipment control and simulation of tsinghua university and power electronics engineering department of imperial college of technology jointly described in the paper:


"5 g communication is an important application field in the future no one car: on the one hand, high speed of communication, provide reliable data for intelligent vehicle system support; on the other hand, low communication time delay, for high-speed car, make a timely braking, turning decisions about personal safety. Compared with high-speed unmanned vehicles, electric power system of power at the speed of light, need to respond to various changes in power system, to realize accurate control.


In terms of demand response, the traditional demand response is mainly to reduce the peak and valley difference on the demand side, but with the grid connection of high proportion of renewable energy, the dynamic demand response oriented to shorter time scale such as frequency modulation becomes particularly important.The coordination and control between massive electrical devices requires low communication delay, and the communication delay of 10ms can well meet the frequency modulation requirements of the second level.


In terms of energy storage control, no matter the amount of energy storage installation on the network end or the user side is increasing, energy storage and other grid-connected systems need to consider the coordination and control between different energy storage systems.In addition, under new business models such as "cloud energy storage" and "Shared energy storage", the operation of energy storage needs to consider the differentiated needs and interactions of massive users, and the massive control signal exchange needs to be completed in a relatively short time.


In the aspect of distribution automation, the distribution network may have various faults, such as short circuit, circuit breaking, etc., in which case it is necessary to realize rapid fault removal.In addition, relay protection device needs to conduct comprehensive analysis of the signal, judge the fault type to make the correct action.Taking differential protection as an example, it is necessary to calculate and compare the measured value of protective devices at both ends of the line in real time.


In terms of power electronic equipment control, more and more power electronic devices will be connected to the distribution network in the future to realize renewable energy access, energy storage access, reactive power compensation, and power quality improvement.Power electronic devices require high control accuracy, especially the distributed coordinated control of two or more power electronic devices."


In addition to precise control, the ubiquitous power Internet of things also enables massive power data collection and analysis, broadband communication and efficient computing.


For example in the aspect of data collection and analysis, the traditional electric power system, our country although has high smart meters penetration, and a large number of sensors installed, but limited to communication pressure, a lot of smart meters is not upload half an hour of electricity data, retain only the daily power consumption, electricity for the user behavior analysis poses challenges, fine-grained information is missing, greatly restricted the practical application of big data analysis in power system.5G has a high communication rate, which enables the timely collection of massive electricity data, even some finer grained household equipment electricity data.


In broadband communications, in May this year, China's first unmanned intelligent device 5 g power transmission line inspection has been, in tianjin first extensive applied in power iot 5 g communications technology laboratory has also been set up in Shanghai, a growing number of instances show that the 5 g communication will reshape pan in the power of things "depth coupled physical - information - society" power and energy systems.


5G brings a whole new business model


The key to ubiquitous power Internet of things is to bring new business models to the grid and social enterprises.


Such as financial services based on the ubiquitous power Internet of things.On March 26, this year, state grid corporation of China signed a cooperation agreement with China construction bank, announcing that state grid e-commerce corporation (state grid financial technology group) and China construction bank jointly launched the "two hundred billion yuan" inclusive financial project, and planned to extend 20 billion yuan of credit to small, medium and micro-sized enterprises by relying on the "e-loan (cloud loan)" product in 2019.


This seemingly insignificant news may set off a credit revolution in the financial sector.For a long time, the traditional credit information system has been unable to effectively cover small, medium and micro enterprises, and financial institutions, faced with a large number of small, medium and micro customers with insufficient credit, can only hope to "customers".With the rise of the data lending model, small, medium and micro-sized enterprises begin to enter the vision of financial institutions, and the electricity information of these enterprises is a new credit information.


It should be noted that in 2018, the cumulative net profit of China's commercial Banks reached 1.83 trillion yuan, which made industrial enterprises salivate over their profitability. It would be very imaginative for the power grid to enter the financial service field through extensive use of the power Internet of things.


Another example is the virtual power plant application.The so-called virtual power plant is a new generation of intelligent control technology and interactive business model that integrates and optimizes "grid source load" clean development.The technical patterns, can physical architecture in the traditional power grid, relying on the Internet and modern information and communication technology, the distributed power supply, storage, load dispersion phase polymerization of various kinds of resources in grid, such as collaborative optimization operation control and market trading, realize the power side can complement each other, the load side of flexible interaction, for power grid peak shaving, FM, backup and other auxiliary services.



Communication is crucial in this new technology and business model. 5G communication is very helpful for the coordination of massive objects and greatly reduces the communication cost to ensure the feasibility of virtual power plants.


It can be said that the ubiquitous power Internet of things in the era of 5G is no longer a concept or slogan, and the prospect is very broad, and all parties have launched actions and deployment.(credit: Eknower)