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The energy bureau: the central government plans to invest 36.1 billion yuan this year to upgrade rur

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On the afternoon of June 28, the state council held a regular policy briefing on the upgrading of rural power grids by the state council.Qichengyuan, deputy director of the national energy administration, told the conference that the central government will invest 36.1 billion yuan in 2019 to upgrade rural networks this year, including 14 billion yuan from the central budget, all of which will go to poor areas.

Qichengyuan said that the rural power grid is an important infrastructure in rural areas, rural network upgrading is an important livelihood project.In 2016, the national energy administration launched a new round of rural network transformation and upgrading work. From 2016 to 2017, juliu completed the "three major projects", namely the rural network transformation and upgrading project for central villages in small towns, rural power supply project for rural Wells, and power supply project for poor villages.

Among them, the rural network upgrading project for central villages in small towns involves 78,000 villages in 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), benefiting 160 million rural residents.Rural electric power projects have provided electricity to 1.6 million electric Wells, covering more than 10,000 towns and townships in 17 provinces and regions and the xinjiang production and construction corps, benefiting 150 million mu of farmland.The project has provided power to 33,000 natural villages, benefiting about 8 million residents.

At present, the energy administration is stepping up the implementation of the three-year action plan (2018-2020) for upgrading and upgrading rural networks in the "three districts, three prefections" and the "diaobian village" to further advance this fundamental and civil work.

Qichengyuan pointed out that according to the central economic work conference, "government work report" requirements and the state council executive meeting deployment, this year to complete a new round of rural network transformation and upgrading task, 1 year ahead of the original plan.To ensure the completion of the task, the national energy administration will continue to intensify efforts to continue to promote the upgrading of rural power grids.

One is to refine the objectives and tasks.According to the state council documents and provincial units, the reliability rate of power supply, the qualified rate of comprehensive voltage and the variable capacity index and key tasks of every household are confirmed.We held national teleconferences and issued special documents to make specific arrangements, put forward specific requirements and implement targets and tasks.

Second, compaction at all levels of responsibility.Coordinate with provincial energy authorities and power grid enterprises to implement, formulate detailed plans, define the division of responsibilities, refine work objectives and propose specific measures.This year, the central government allocated 36.1 billion yuan to upgrade rural power networks in 2019, including 14 billion yuan from the central budget, all of which will be used in poor areas.

Third, strengthen supervision and inspection.Set up a scheduling mechanism, regularly sort out the completion of tasks in various places, and timely coordinate and solve problems.We will strengthen oversight, especially in remote and poor areas and local power supply areas, strengthen guidance and supervision, and push forward work implementation.

Fourth, we will strengthen our service capacity. While upgrading rural power networks, we will further shorten the time it takes for enterprises to obtain electricity and improve the business environment by taking a point-to-point, point-to-point, point-to-point and point-to-point approach.We will establish a monitoring and evaluation system for rural power supply, urge power grid enterprises to include power from Wells in their daily services, and improve rural electricity services.This year, energy regulatory agencies assigned by various departments will focus on the completion of the renovation and upgrading of rural power networks, and make great efforts to strengthen daily supervision to ensure that all work is carried out in a high quality as planned.(source: