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The future has come to seek the solution of ubiquitous power Internet of things

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The only constant in the world is that it changes every moment.


In the 1760s, when the curtain of the first industrial revolution was quietly raised, people were not only amazed at the quality and efficiency of machine production, but also worried that large-scale machine application would greatly impact the status of original craftsmen.However, although the production of big machines has to some extent hit the cottage industry, it has created more and more efficient jobs. Since then, some western capitalist countries have embarked on the fast track of development.


In the late 1960s, mankind began the second industrial revolution and officially entered the "electric age".Since then, mankind has gone on a further rampage.


IT is widely believed that the computer and information technology revolution is called the "third industrial revolution", and human beings have entered the age of IT (information technology).However, with the rapid development of information technology in recent years, emerging hot spots such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and smart cities have been widely accepted and brought into full play their potential."At present, we are entering a transition stage from the IT era to the DT era," jack ma, chairman of alibaba group, wrote in his book the future has come.The Internet thinking mode of "everything connected" and "everything Shared" has penetrated into every aspect of people's life and been taken for granted.In the new era, faced with the increasing downward pressure of the economy, the slowdown of the growth rate of electricity sales, and the impact of new business models, what is the direction of power grid enterprises?


In January 2019, the "two sessions" of state grid corporation formally proposed to comprehensively promote the construction of "three types and two networks" and accelerate the strategic deployment of building a world-class energy Internet enterprise with global competitiveness.The three types of "three types and two networks" refer to platform type, hub type and Shared type, while the two networks refer to "strong smart grid (SG)" and "ubiquitous power Internet of things (IOTE)".We are very familiar with the concept of strong smart grid, so what is the ubiquitous power Internet of things?


Ubiquitous refers to the information connection and interaction between any time, any place, any person or anything.Ubiquitous Internet of things (iot) is the concrete manifestation and application of ubiquitous Internet of things (iot) in the power industry.According to the state grid corporation on the outline of the pan in the electric power construction of Internet of things "that: pan in power iot will power users and their equipment, power grid enterprises and their equipment, power generation enterprises and their equipment, suppliers and equipment, as well as connect people and objects, Shared data, for the user, power grid, power generation, suppliers and government social services;With the power grid as the hub, it will play the role of platform and sharing, create greater opportunities and provide value services for the development of the whole industry and more market players.


Ubiquitous power Internet of things includes perception layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer.It involves three bottom technologies: sensor technology (data acquisition), communication technology (data transmission) and information technology (data management, analysis and application).This is a technical division of the ubiquitous power Internet of things, so how to understand the ubiquitous power Internet of things from more aspects?As far as I am concerned, we must start from the following aspects to deeply understand the ubiquitous electric Internet of things.


I. pressure and objective requirements of transformation of power grid enterprises in the new era


Firstly, the internal problems and pressures faced by power grid enterprises.As we all know, with the further development of economy and society, the scale and complexity of the current power grid have been much larger than that of ten years ago or even five years ago, and the types and amount of equipment connected to the power grid have also increased sharply.On the one hand, the number of employees in enterprises is gradually increasing, and on the other hand, new equipment, new technology and new technology are emerging rapidly.The power grid has become a large power ecosystem connecting power users, power grid enterprises, power generation enterprises and suppliers.When the strong smart grid is about to be built (2020), new problems force grid enterprises to find new solutions, so the emerging concept of the ubiquitous power Internet of things comes into being.


In fact, the ubiquitous power Internet of things is a new idea, new concept and new strategy after realizing the development problems of the power grid in the new era. Although it overlaps with the "strong smart grid" in part, it can never be considered that the ubiquitous power Internet of things is just the supplement and backup of the strong smart grid.In fact, the ubiquitous power Internet of things is a brand new network, which is a necessary stage that human society must go through to the DT era of power grid form.The Internet economy, digital economy and other new social and economic forms have greatly changed the daily life. Meanwhile, the grid form must also adapt to the changes of social and economic forms.


On March 5, 2019, the report on the work of the government proposed to "deepen the reform of electricity marketization, clean up the additional charges of electricity price, reduce the cost of electricity for manufacturing, and reduce the average electricity price for general industrial and commercial enterprises by another 10%."This is the second big price cut after a 10 percent cut in 2018.As a responsible large-scale central enterprise, state grid corporation will unswervingly implement and implement the decisions of the CPC central committee and the state council, and fulfill its social responsibilities with a high sense of responsibility.However, it should also be noted that after two rounds of electricity price reduction, the grid enterprise profit will be thinner.On the one hand, how to deal with the increasing downward pressure of the economy, the market pressure of slowing down the increment of electric power, on the other hand, the market opening, the electricity sales pressure brought by the reduction of transmission and distribution prices, are all the problems that the company needs to solve.


The new concept of ubiquitous power Internet of things will provide a new way for enterprises to solve the above pressure.The comprehensive construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of things is, in fact, to build the so-called "platform, hub and sharing" enterprises by using the Internet thinking and user thinking.Power grid enterprises will not only serve as power sellers in the traditional sense, but also provide trading platforms for power generation enterprises, power customers and suppliers as a platform while selling power, so as to share the reform dividends and explore new profit growth points.The transformation of this mode is actually a typical economic model of sharing and mutual benefit.This kind of platform, hub and Shared ideas will not be a zero-sum game, but a inclusive economic model, which will bring tangible benefits to all participants.


Ii. Technological update and iteration and international competition in the context of globalization (trade war)


The "trade war" between China and the United States has caught the eyes of the whole world.The United States has spared no effort to block huawei by itself, essentially because it is unwilling to lose its advantage in key technologies such as 5G.In retrospect, China's power grid also experienced a "neck jam" stage, which has to make us face up to the problem of technological innovation and technology independence.


In 1985, the first large-scale long-distance HVDC transmission project with commercial operation in China, the 500kv HVDC transmission project, was launched.At that time, China did not master the technology of uhvdc transmission and could not independently produce equipment, so it was restricted everywhere in the whole construction process.On the one hand, prices are opaque and inflated because of technology monopolies.All spare parts can not be independently produced, the entire construction and project is completely controlled by foreign manufacturers, no autonomy.Second, because we have not mastered the core and key technologies, we cannot design the power equipment suitable for the special terrain and climate in China.Therefore, in the construction process, many equipment problems of one kind or another are caused by the fact that foreign manufacturers do not know China's terrain and landform on the spot and China cannot produce independently.After that period of humiliation, we have deeply realized the basic truth that "core technology must be in our own hands".With the arduous efforts of several generations of electric power workers, China has not only conquered the 500 kv dc power transmission technology, but also taken the world's leading position in the field of ±800 kv dc power transmission and ac 1100 power transmission.


However, "strong smart grid" based on uhv mainly carries energy flow and business flow. Faced with the basic fact that "we are going through a transition stage from the IT era to the DT era", we urgently need another network to carry explosive growth of data flow.The ubiquitous power Internet of things is exactly the solution to this problem.


At present, the amount of information in society increases exponentially.People gradually realize that today's society is a society with prominent data value, and data is endowed with special meaning and value.The 2019 government work report also calls for "fostering a new generation of information technology and other new industrial clusters to strengthen the digital economy."


Shipment inspection for power grid enterprises, human resources, finance, construction and other traditional and distributed intelligent mobile terminals, information acquisition unit and other emerging information concerned with the traditional technology and way of thinking has been unable to process, we urgently need a new data and information processing means, while big data related technology provides us with a ready-made idea and means.Big data related technologies such as cloud computing, distributed processing technology, storage technology and perception technology are used to conduct in-depth mining and analysis of massive information, which can effectively process and utilize massive information to dig and find value from data.And 5 g technology with its enhanced mobile bandwidth (eMBB), mass machine communication reliable (mMTC), ultra low latency (uRLLC) the three significant advantages make it possible to power grid pan in material al pan in the power of things will be able to have vast amounts of user access, and in the 5 g technology support under the action of the ultra high access rate and low transmission delay.


In order to further accelerate the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of things, state grid is accelerating to build a series of "state grid core" of ubiquitous power Internet of things, formulating the research framework of key technologies of ubiquitous power Internet of things, completing key technology breakthroughs and implementing the application of emerging technologies of ubiquitous power Internet of things strategy.We can think that the relevant cutting-edge technologies have promoted the construction and development of "ubiquitous power Internet of things", while "ubiquitous power Internet of things" has greatly promoted the innovation and implementation of new technologies.In the context of the trade war between China and the United States and the blockade of huawei by the United States, accelerating the construction of "ubiquitous power Internet of things" to stimulate scientific and technological innovation is exactly the "way" for the grid to deal with the technology blockade in the context of globalization.


Iii. Requirements for ecological civilization construction and sustainable development


The report to the 19th national congress of the CPC solemnly put forward the important concept of "striving to build China into a powerful socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful".The goal of socialist modernization, namely, "beauty", and the overall plan of "five-in-one", namely, "ecological civilization", have achieved a perfect synergy.


At present, the problem of environmental pollution is still one of the main problems troubling the Chinese people and even the people of the world.As the saying goes, "clear water and green mountains are golden and silver mountains", electric energy, as the main secondary energy form of human beings, plays an irreplaceable role in People's Daily production and life.How to make full use of the characteristics of clean, efficient, green and environmental protection of electric energy and realize the substitution of electric energy on a global scale is an important subject of ecological environmental protection at present, while "ubiquitous power Internet of things" provides a feasible solution.


The "strong smart grid" with uhv as the backbone greatly improves the power transmission distance and capacity, effectively promotes the rational allocation of energy across regions, and is of great significance to promote the consumption of clean energy."Strong smart grid" is mainly from the supply side. Strong smart grid system can allocate electric energy at a long distance with large capacity and improve the supply of electric energy from the supply side.While "ubiquitous power Internet of things" is from the demand side. The ubiquitous power Internet of things system can allocate electric energy more accurately and reasonably, and improve energy utilization efficiency from the demand side."Strong smart grid" is like "big shift", which can transfer clean and cheap electricity from western China to eastern China.The "ubiquitous power Internet of things" is a sort of "north ghost", in which the grid can absorb the electricity of millions of households and allocate it to those who need it.


The reason why the ubiquitous power Internet of things can play a great role in the construction of ecological civilization is that it can greatly promote the consumption of clean energy.As mentioned earlier, "ubiquitous power Internet of things" is like "north ghost", which can aggregate and allocate all available electric energy. Its typical scenario is virtual power plant.It will be distributed generation (DG), energy storage system, controllable load, electric cars and other various forms of distributed power supply (DER) polymerization into entities, using advanced control, measurement, communication and other technology to realize the coordinated optimal operation of various types of distributed energy, promote clean energy given and optimize the allocation of resources.


The construction of "ubiquitous power Internet of things" will be able to comprehensively and deeply perceive the operation, status and environmental information of the source network's load storage equipment and build the power trading platform.That is to say, we can make the best use of all available resources, encourage and guide various types of users to participate in the process of electricity trading with market-oriented methods, so as to achieve the purpose of peak load regulation, peak load reduction and valley filling, effectively alleviate the phenomenon of wind and light abandonment, and effectively promote the consumption of clean energy.In today's increasingly serious ecological and environmental problems, the ubiquitous power Internet of things provides the solution of energy direction.


Fourth, we will promote economic development, share the dividends of reform, and help make in China 2025


Since the state grid corporation of China held the mobilization meeting on the ubiquitous power Internet of things construction in March this year, there has been a "limit tide" of the ubiquitous power Internet of things related concept stocks in the capital market, and many Internet company leaders have expressed their support and support for the ubiquitous power Internet of things construction.Zhou Hongyi, lei jun, dong mingzhu, Yang yuanqing and other Internet companies or traditional manufacturing bosses have expressed the opportunity to this big industry on the share.


With the sluggish global economic recovery, mounting downward pressure on China's economy and the impact of the trade war, we urgently need many powerful economic growth engines to stimulate the further healthy development of the economy.In the past, the investment in power grid rarely involves the investment of upstream and downstream enterprises of the whole industrial chain, so the driving effect of power grid investment and construction on the whole industrial chain is not obvious.On the other hand, the pan-ubiquitous power Internet of things will bring the whole industrial chain and even Internet enterprises and manufacturing enterprises into it with the thinking of sharing and reciprocity, and achieve a win-win situation through the pan-ubiquitous power Internet of things.


The extensive construction of the Internet of things in power plays an important role in promoting the economy.The ubiquitous power Internet of things is to build a comprehensive intelligent energy service platform covering the government, terminal customers and upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, so as to attract users for emerging businesses and empower power grid enterprises and emerging business subjects.By further stimulating the market vitality, release the market potential, achieve the purpose of driving the development of related industries.